Thursday, November 8, 2012


This fall got off to a great start with the kids starting school and back into their activities. Cole had a fun soccer season even though I don't believe that they scored a single goal. Eek! Maybe next time! Brent and I attended several fundraisers, I have stayed busy helping with a few of the fundraisers and planning our church Women's Retreat for 2013. We have enjoyed doing things with friends and enjoying everything about the Fall. We took a few trips to the pumpkin patch, had Hillander Halloween parties, trick or treated at Concho (Brent's office) and went trick or treating with friends in Green Tree. Here are a few pics from the past month...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Way behind...

I have been so bad about updating this thing! It's now November and I still have not posted pictures from the first day of school! Geez... better late than never!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Night on Bourbon Street in NOLA with our friends... on our way to Florida
Lots of beach time!!!
Duck Duck Goose!
We just returned from Paradise! This year we had such a wonderful time in Watercolor which is located at Santa Rosa Beach, FL. We drove there with our good friends from Fort Worth and took a few days each way. We stopped and had some fun in New Orleans on our way. The kids loved getting beads! We spent the rest of our days riding our bikes to the beach, playing in the ocean, in the sand, in the pool and eating ice cream... eating fresh fish and oysters and having lots of fun with our friends. We are always so sad to leave b/c of how much fun we had. We never once had to get in the car b/c we were able to ride bikes everywhere, even on the nights we had babysitters... the parents took our bikes out on the town. We saw Ryan Phillippe who is the celeb once married to Reese Witherspoon. We were slightly stalkers of him and his model girlfriend but in our defense... they showed up everywhere we went so I think they were following us! Anyway, we had such a ball and came home very tan with bleached out hair and very ready for school to start. We attended 'meet the teacher' today and Cole will have Mrs. Clayton for Kindergarten and Chloe has Mrs. Hullender for Preschool. Both kids will attend Hillander together this year and we look forward to a terrific year!

Monday, July 2, 2012


Well, we just took our annual summer trip to Colorado. Brent's family has a cabin up in Golden Gate Canyon which is just West of Denver and about 12 miles up the mountain from Golden, CO. We love to spend time up there in the summer because of the cooler temps and the carefree days outdoors in the mountains. This year, we got the kids out of their beds and put them in the car at 4:45 in the morning to make our long drive to Colorado. We were in Amarillo by breakfast time, in Raton, NM by lunch and in Colorado Springs by 3pm. We did some grocery shopping and then onto Golden to eat an early dinner with a friend of ours. We then headed up the mountain to the house. We played outside, took walks, played in the woods, went swimming at the REC center, we went fishing at Dude's Pond and we went into Nederland to ride the carousel and eat ice cream in the old train car. We had a great visit with family and then headed home to Texas. Such a fun time and we were so proud of our little road warriors. They are gearing up for our long drive to Florida in August!
Super Hero Cole!
Ragamuffin cousins... Alexis and Chloe playing outside
Cole went down this slide at least 100 times! Over, over and over again!
There he goes!
Working so hard to catch a fish!
Such the fisherman!
Famous Nederland carousel
Ice cream in the train car

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Chloe!

Chloe- At 3, you LOVE Dora and bubbles, the very most! You love to swim, hate using a float b/c you think that you can swim on your own. Yikes! You are so sweet and adore your brother. You copy everything he says or does which often times gets on his nerves! You weigh 40 pounds and are so tall! You wear a size 9 shoe and as girly as you are... you won't hesitate to get dirty. You love to dress up, wear jewelry, play with dolls and barbies but Dora is your all time favorite. You will eat almost anything and are quite the sleeper lately. You are potty trained and have turned into such a big girl. We could not be prouder of you and we absolutely adore you, sweet thing.

Chloe's first dance recital photos

Our little poodle checking herself out b/f her big moment
Patiently waiting...
Eeeeek... I'm so nervous!
My pretty girl
Yay for our little dancer!